Monogram Projection or Name in Lights

Gobo Projection
Monogram Projection
Monogram Projection

This little blog is about monogram projection. Often get asked about what the difference is between monogram and GOBO projection? what it actually is?  What can I get and how do go about it! Hopefully this should help broaden your knowledge on this fabulous little lighting effect to help personalise your party or event.


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What is a Monogram?


A monogram as far as we’re concerned is your name, initials, message or image engraved onto or cut out of a gobo. It is basically the lettering you want projected on the surface you desire.


What is a Gobo?


Image Projection of stars
Stars Image Projection

According to Wikipedia  “A gobo (or GOBO) is a physical stencil or template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light.” In our case it a ether a glass disc with the image engraved or a metal disc with the image cut out of it. Some times some people refer to it as Gobo projection.  Either gobo or monogram projection is technically correct just different people use different terminology. It still puts your name in lights – Which is the plan right?


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Glass or Metal Gobo?


Personally speaking I’d go glass every time for monogram projection, but it would depend on the image weather I chose to glass or metal. Basic detail metal, more detailed image glass. And with in glass you can get monochrome (black & white) , single colour, two colour, or full colour.


How long to order?


Gobo Projection
Image Projection

I always like to have orders started 3/4wks before the event, but the latest i’d leave it is 7 day before the event. The plan is, you let me know what you want, I send them on to our GOBO manufacturer. They then send to me their design I forward to you. This might happen once or a few times. Once you have confirmed a design I usually receive delivery in approximately 48hrs . So yes we could sort in 7 days or less or but I much prefer to have it all sorted, and relax.


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Bear in mind!


It is always best to be able to project the image onto flat surfaces, if you try on ruffled surfaces like interior marquees, it will only look good from directly behind the light projecting. So please bear this mind when contemplating monogram projection.


Why would I have Monogram Projection?


Party & Event Lighting
Wedding themed lighting

Our monogram projection service is most popular with brides & grooms for their wedding day. Having their names or initial & dates projected on dance floor or walls. Other applications include a welcome message or happy new year, or a company logo, or images. Once we had an emerald city themeing to do so we projected an wizard of oz image. So what ever you have in mind, weather it’s a perosnalised monogram, company logo or maybe just a generic pattern or an image to help with venue themeing, please just ask and well see what we can do.

If you have any other questions about Monogram projection please ask in the comments below, and thank you for reading.


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