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UV Lighting Hire Oldham

We had 2 of our UV Lighting Party packs hired out for a Children’s party in October. Pictures supplied by customer, who couldn’t have been more happy.

UV Light Party Pack

Each lighting pack contains 2 * 1m led UV lighting bars. These are L.E.D. which mean instant light, and no heat compared to the old fashioned uv lights which get very hot and have 10 min warm up time. The pack also includes 2 2.5m stands for these lights so it makes it easy and practical to place the lights around the room above head hight so you get a nice long throw of UV across the dance floor. Power and 3m extension cables are also included. each pair of lights & stands fit into one small bag so doesn’t damage your car if it can’t fit in your boot.

Cost of UV Lighting hire

Pick up and returned to our offices in Oldham, which helps keep the cost down. I have made this package for people who are having a party or disco in their homes or venues. It’s simple to set-up, easy to manage with great coverage. £50 for 1 pack for 24hrs. There is a £50 cash refundable deposit required as well.

UV Lighting Hire for Oldham and surrounding areas. Please see my webpage on my lighting site for more details about UV Lighting and UV Banners…

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